2 Sep, 2013

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       The M-supreme design is in effect many different architectures artfully blended with the goal of achieving something truly worthwhile, not just a new skin for the tried and true speaker designs whose musical faults we have had to learn to love and live with and whose various incarnations we purchase time and time again hoping that somehow physics has changed, allowing them to work properly… This sort of thought train/rant ridden to the end of the line is what lead us to reconsider the speaker here at Tub’s Audio.

        It became clear to us that to create something really special we didn’t need ground breaking new technologies or the teething problems that come with them, we simply needed to use good solid engineering to harvest the good parts of several proven architectures and get them all working together, effectively occupying one another’s weaknesses and canceling each other’s negatives, like a good team.

       To achieve seamless integration within this “team” we did end up developing several new technologies, (go figure), and software tools which allowed us to mesh these technologies and proven architectures in the virtual space and tune them before embarking on the prototyping which led to the final M-Supreme. 

       The final touch was a really special cabinet material. In order to integrate midrange horn loading within the front baffle properly you ideally want a material which is stiff and dense yet still avoids an specific resonant frequency. Here we leaned hard on our composite engineering and manufacturing backgrounds, ultimately arriving at an extremely neutral paper pulp and pine sap resin cabinet which we process in the same way you would the composite structures of an America’s cup boat, the only difference is all the materials are sustainable.

       Bottom line: The M-supreme couples music to the air effortlessly and evenly, across the entire frequency range.

Musical happy place. Now Shipping.


Response: —————-35hz-20000hz


Sensitivity:—————-96 db


Power handling:——–400 watts rms–800 watts program power–Min. Power required 8 watts.


Nominal impedance:—-8ohm

In the Mix:

-Dual concentric driver with a huge common magnet which provides a field for both the voice coil of our paper pulp 12 inch driver and… our 4 inch alloy domed compression driver, (the common magnet brings the acoustic center of the compression driver closer to that of the paper cone’s and minimizes any time corrections required in the crossover network.)


-Native New Zealand hardwood horn hard mounted to the woofer pole piece couples the compression drivers message to the room and serves as a phase plug for the woofer which allows it to reach higher, so the compression driver can focus more on high frequency business.(We offer several profiles so you can switch the wood horn out to match your listening style and / or room)


-Cabinet of sustainably forested paper pulp infused with pine sap based resin for a highly damped yet strong and stiff structure which avoids any specific resonant frequency.


-Forward facing mid / mid bass horn. The mouth of this horn is the entire front of the speakers and has no specific mouth diameter. Therefore it has no specific roll off frequency, so it integrates seamlessly with bass section.


-A reverse exponential horn with exponential wool packing, (donated by the happiest sheep in the world), designed to cancel any stray cabinet artifacts above 300hz.


-Reflex cavity which loads tonally balanced dual down firing bass horns.


-A set of dual down firing 1.2 meter long bass horns tuned to give tonal bass response from 30hz up. The horns couple to the room and each other through an adjustable air gap at the bottom of the cabinet which helps to remove any remaining artifacts from the audible signal.


Tweeter and mid range level control on the rear panel for easy room matching.


-A lovingly designed and expertly balanced crossover network built with excellent quality components. Cardas Wire, Mudorf Capacitors, air core inductors.


-A nice set of WBT binding posts so you can connect these music machines to your favorite amp be it flea watt or 1000watt. Cardas posts available on request.


-Base Price per pair. 17,000.00 USD.


-Finish: Standard-Flat Black or white with ceramic clear coat . Custom Color adds 1000.00 USD. Gloss clear coat adds 2500.00 USD

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