20 Nov, 2015

The final inorganic part in the listening chain.

The critical connection between signal and air.

It needs to be great.

At Tub’s Audio we have been resolute in our quest to connect the audio signal to the air in the room and to the heart strings of listeners. The ultimate expression of this ethos is expressed in Asarlai & Asarlai Field Coil which acheive this aim in part because they present the simplest load to the amplifier across the entire audible range. Asarlai can deliver the most complicated passages perfectly at concert levels even when driven by the most delicate and purest of low powered components. Realism,  Involvement in, and love of your listening experience is at the core of all our designs. Asarlai is simply our vision of what the obvious key stone of the best music reproduction system should be. It is the fruit of countless hours of consideration in pursuit of an eerily real, musical and accurate presentation which conveys not only the sound of the recording but the intent of the artist.

When we considered that many seasoned listeners find their journey leads them to the conclusion that the most fulfilling musical experience comes from high quality amplifiers delivering Very few watts, the design brief for Asarlai took this shape:  The complete audible frequency spectrum and then some from one phase coherent loudspeaker, All the amplified signal from one simple high quality low output amplifier.

It reads like the easiest of tasks, but few if any speakers can truly claim this distinction.  Here’s why.

Essentially an amplifier can only communicate what a speaker will let it communicate. The same holds true for any component right down to the record groove and further to the act of recording and all the pieces in that chain. Whether you have the best of everything or a carefully curated system comprised of what you can reasonably afford the loud speaker remains the simplest, least understood, most critical, and final inorganic part in the listening chain. It needs to be great.

At the output end of many high quality amplifiers connected to very good front end equipment a very real musical moment in time is present in all it’s glory as a signal. Many modern speakers (even efficient ones) require huge amounts of control from the amplifier in order to remain somewhat true to this signal. Amplifiers which can exert this sort of herculean force must make compromises in the delicacy and accuracy with which they reproduce the complete package of information provided by a recording, and as you can imagine the music suffers.  One idea for combating this has been to amplify the midrange and high frequencies (where we hear more critically) with high quality low powered amplifiers and then use more grunty amplifers to control the bass. One problem with this approach, besides the added complication and cost, is that different amplifier architectures have different signal paths which results in timing and tonal mismatches between sections of the loud speaker. Another approach has been to use a single driver with mid range coming from the front of a very high quality delicate cone and bass being reproduced from the rear wave of that same driver firing into a bass horn. This works well but the bass is out of phase, the single driver struggles to reproduce high frequency sound and the pressure differential between the air the front of the driver sees and the air the back of the driver sees means that this sort of design has a changing presentation as gain (volume) changes and the front and back pressures on the driver track differently, base reflex designs also struggle for this and other reasons.  There are a myriad of other approaches which seek to get the musical truth to the listener, most of them fall short and very few if any exist which can provide a full range presentation from high quality low output amplifiers. At the outset of the Asarlai loud speaker project we took note of efforts which had come before and, armed with lessons from them, went off into the unknown to find better solutions to these age old stumbling blocks.

From initial design to physical realization we worked with the most relevant design tools, materials and processes . All aspects of the machine, from our distinctive sculptural shape choices to our alloy and carbon pulp composite material selections & custom hand built components, are the natural conclusion of design and engineering in service to sound. The result is a sublimely  functional work of art that will last for generations.

Asarlai is a loud speaker which allows even the most delicate and pure amplifiers to deliver an eerily real, musical, accurate and truly full range experience to the listener. We are very pleased to be able to share it with the world.

Asarlai pair ———— 47,000.00 USD

Asarlai Field Coil pair———–117,000.00 USD

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